In the modern world where everything is interconnected, transportation has grown be an industry that is a backbone of the global economy. Millions of people travel from one part of the world to another to fulfill various tasks and billions of dollars’ worth of goods are transported from one area to another to facilitate commerce. Any damage to a transportation vessel could not only lead to considerable financial loss, but also the loss of irreplaceable human lives.

The industry uses a variety of automobiles which are lightweight and energy efficient. Large vehicles like ships, aircraft, trains, buses, etc. are more powerful and complex than ever before because of the use of modern electronics, composites and high-end plastics. Unfortunately, the use of such equipment also increases the risk of fire.

INFINGENT has developed an array of flame retardants using cutting-edge nanotechnology which helps shield vital areas of large vehicles from fire. Our nanostructured silica products have a proven track record in providing effective protection from flames. Moreover, low particle density of silica allows for the creation of light-weight composites which reduces corrosion, improves fuel-efficiency and lowers emissions.

Our experience and innovativeness have contributed to INFINGENT becoming one of the best providers of flame retardants for the transportation sector.


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