INFINSUL, the world FIRST and ONLY material of unique thermal insulation behavior and properties!! Our innovative method of process and production leads INFINSUL with similar textural properties as Aerogel but the bespoke composition, as well as tailored structural properties, made it extreme insulation behavior. Core properties of INFINSUL

– High porosity, i.e., good insulation properties

– Fluffy powder, i.e., easy to composite

– Amorphous phase, i.e., non-toxic and non-halogenated

– Unique composition, i.e., extreme thermal insulation behavior

– Very low density, i.e., low loading levels


(Beating heat and Saving Energy)

Developed using our patented technologies, INFINSUL Paint, Worlds (maybe the -) first heat insulation paint with a reduction of building envelope temperature by up to 40%. Without saying, INFINSUL Paint has a greater performance of heat insulation compared to other brands of similar function.