NonHalo is our standard product; it is efficient and manages to hinder (or even fully prevent) combustion no matter which portion of the fire cycle it is in – be it heating, ignition, spread or decomposition. Available an easy use power, it is easy to extrude with any polymer or plastic composites. NonHalo is extremely versatile and can be used on a variety of materials and surfaces including thermoplastics (PVC, Teflon), elastomeric polymers (rubber, fiber, elastic), thermosets (car upholstery, synthetic fibers, mattresses) and foams. When combined with Infingent’s technology, these materials acquire significantly improved fire resistance.


The NonHalo+ contains special grade nanostructured silica, which reduces heat transfer and in combination with other FRs suppresses the spread of heat. Our patented method allows combining any FRs with nanostructured silica to render their fused effect. Effective even at low loading levels. Easily assimilated into a variety of polymers – includes insulation materials (such as polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, rock wool, glass wool, etc.), electrical and information cables, and even structural elements such as wood.  


Our spatiality product, NonHalo++ include hybrid phosphorus-doped nanostructured silica. The functional phosphate allows to hindering the formation of volatile species while the silica favoring the formation of char. Extreamlly versitaile and easy apply to fabrics or textiles.