About Us

INFINGENT Innovations AB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of silica-based nanoparticles and nano-composites. Headquartered at Medeon Science Park in Malmö, Sweden, we are pioneers in the use of nanotechnology to create unique, innovative and cost-effective products. Our innovative approach to science has allowed us to be at the head of a technological revolution which embraces the use of nanomaterials to make the world a better Place. As trendsetters in the field of nanotechnology-based fire protection and have developed various novel processes which enable us to efficiently create silica-based nanoparticles in different quantities and grades. Our R&D team – also located in Malmö – consists of brilliant scientists and engineers who work with all our clients to create solutions which meet (and often exceed) expectations –helping our customers achieve a competitive advantage.

Our Story

INFINGENT came into being in 2014 and is the brainchild of Dr. Rambabu Atluri. The company is the direct result of Dr. Atluri’s groundbreaking research on porous silica materials and their applications while at Uppsala University. Large-scale manufacture of silica nanoparticles were considered unviable because of the costs involved. Dr. Atluri was able to craft a novel method for bypassing these issues using his research and subsequent experience working for eminent SMEs. Dr. Atluri also devised a new application for the substance – as an effective flame retardant. At Infingent, we have built on Dr. Atluri’s work, and using patented technologies developed INFINGENT Silica.

Recent News

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