About us

At Infingent Innovations, we understand that nanotechnology is the future and its applications are endless. We use our expertise to create products which are at the forefront of a technological revolution – products which are unique, versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into existing properties to make the world a better and safer place.


The flame-retardant nanoparticles of Infingent Silica have been developed using state-of-the-art proprietary technologies. Available as an easy-to-use powder, it is powerful, efficient and economical, and can be used on various plastics and polymers.

Building & Construction

The self-insulating nanoparticles of Infingent Silica bonds with fire-sensitive portions of a building – like cables and insulation – allowing for deeper and more robust flame protection.


Infingent’s proprietary nano-silica fire retardant protects vital components of electronic products and helps contain short-circuits.

Furniture & Textile

Our easy-to-apply flame retardant can even be used to protect furniture and textiles – highly vulnerable components of any building.


Avoid potentially disastrous losses to valuable goods by using Infingent Silica to protect transportation vessels like ships and airplanes.