Furniture & Textile

In any building, furniture and textile could combine to become one of the biggest promoters of fire. How often have we seen cases of small fires growing into uncontrollable proportions just because it managed to latch on to some drapes or a piece of wooden/plastic furniture?

Many businesses choose to ignore both of these items when fire-proofing because the costs involved are often prohibitive. Infingent Silica, on the other hand, offers a viable and cost effective alternative to traditional fire proofing solutions.

Making furniture and textile flame-retardant could help nip a fire at the bud – protecting your valuable assets from further danger. Our products can be used to effectively protect a variety of natural and synthetic materials and fibers, various polymers, and an array of textiles.

Furniture & Textile

Key benefits of Infingent Silica:

  • Extremely high fire resistance
  • Improved physical, mechanical and structural properties
  • High tolerance to processing conditions
  • Enhanced durability
  • Excellent color retention
  • Easy to wash

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