Electronic devices are a part and parcel of the modern world and gadgets like televisions, mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. are used by millions of people all around the world on a daily basis. Almost all of these items use a variety of polymers. After all, plastics are cheap, light, flexible and extremely sturdy.

As customers start to demand more from their electronic devices, manufacturers are forced to include more powerful components – components which heat up very quickly which increases the risk of fire.

No electronics manufacturer wants their product to catch on fire – especially because of something like a short circuit or a faulty component. Not only could such an incident put the lives of consumers in danger, but may also irrevocably damage a brand’s reputation.

Infingent has developed a fire retardant which uses cutting-edge nanotechnology to ensure that all electrical and electronic products are protected from the risks of fire – helping manufacturers build trust in their costumers. They can be used to protect cables, enclosures, PCBs, etc. with minimal fuss.

Our Infingent Silica products are extremely easy to incorporate into polymers and provide maximum performance. The silica nanoparticles are also extremely safe for humans and the Environment.


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