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Gone are the days when the construction industry depended solely on bricks, stone and mortar. Modern construction techniques involve the use of metals, nanomaterials, composites and plastics in order to create stronger, more luxurious, and more energy-efficient buildings. Even though the use of materials like electric cables and installations, paints, thermal insulators, etc. have considerably improved standards of construction, they also come with an increased risk of catching fire.

At Infingent, we are dedicated to ensuring that buildings and other constructions are protected from the risk of fire. Our brand of Infingent Silica includes a range state-of-the-art flame retardant additives which have a proven track record for being both extremely successful and cost effective.

Infingent Silica has innate thermal-insulation properties which make it exceptionally energy efficient. It not only provides an effective barrier to heat and fire, but also reduces the speed with which an object burns, while hindering the spread of flames and smoke.

The nanoparticles used in Infingent Silica are extremely adaptable and can be easily assimilated into a variety of polymers – this includes insulation materials (such as polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, rock wool, glass wool, etc.), electrical and information cables, and even structural elements such as wood.

Simply put, Infingent Silica is the best way of making sure that your buildings are protected from a potentially catastrophic fire without needing to break the bank.

Building & Construction

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